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Own a piece of your favourite open source software - fractional ownership of open source software through NFTs


Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

Purpose: Unlock a new source of funding for open source software contributions


✅Enable fractional ownership of open source projects

✅Auction commit level ownership rights to unlock liquidity

✅An NFT marketplace where each NFT is a code commit

✅Simple, fast and frictionless tooling to turn code into NFTs

✅Github bot to trigger auction via pull request comments "@TopCommitsBot artify"

✅Per commit web page to buy/sell/auction these NFTs

✅Smart contract to make NFTs unique, certified and on-chain

✅Fully open source codebase with MIT license

Primary users:

  • Github repository owners who turn commits to NFTs (and trigger auction)

  • Open source enthusiasts and crypto collectors who buy/sell these NFTs

Live Demo at

How it's Made

Web3.js - to interact from the browser directly with the Metamask wallet

IPFS - to store all the art and meta data reliably and permanently

ERC721 / Solidity / Ethereum - extended the ERC721 specs to make it accessible from any wallet

All the commits are auctioned using an ERC721 contract deployed on Ethereum main chain.

Here is the contract :

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