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Tolls is an on chain mechanism for protecting geographic areas from overloading. Individuals are able to reserve plots of land and a smart contract ensures any visitors to the location are charged at TOLL fee for the right to access.


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ETHGlobal Paris

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🏊 Neon EVM — Pool Prize

Project Description

Tolls is designed to manage geographic resources and spaces. Individuals can purchase ownership rights to 10x10 plots of land on the blockchain. These could represent real-world geographic locations or in the future virtual spaces in an augmented reality. The ownership is stored on chain, making it verifiable and indisputable.

A smart contract governs the interactions between owners and visitors of the plots. This contract ensures that any visitors to a plot of land are charged a toll fee for the right to access it. The visitor's GPS data is sent on chain when they visit relevant areas. In future versions, to verify the legitimacy of the GPS coordinates a consensus mechanism involving other nearby users on some peer to peer network will be used.

This system could prevent the overloading or overcrowding of certain spaces, as the tolls would incentivise individuals to spread out to less densely visited areas. This would be particularly useful in scenarios where there is a scarcity of space or where certain areas are overly accessed, or for conservation efforts of wild spaces. Collected funds can be used for non-profit organisations. Tolls can be used for a variety of vehicled trackable by GPS.

How it's Made

We used a React frontend and wagmi and rainbow kit sdks for wallet integration. This is a full dapp so we have no server or db running backend, data is written to and from the blockchain. We have deployed our smart contracts to Polygon mainnet, Polygon zkEVM and Linea (and Mumbai testnet too), Gnosis (Chiado too), Mantle and NeonEVM. Push protocol is used to notify the users of purchase and payment.

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