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A no-code social token and NFT memberships multi-chain launchpad


Created At

Scaling Ethereum 2023

Winner of


πŸ“œ Scroll β€” Just Deploy!

Project Description

We all know that NFTs and tokens serve as powerful assets for community builders to engage and support active contributors. The use cases are not limited to crowdfunding the project, rewarding anyone for contribution, or incentivizing individuals. Our social tokens can be minted on Scroll, Polygon zkEVM as well as Mantle and NFT memberships to increase engagement ratio, build tokenized community, and whatnot. We desire to provide a launchpad that simplifies community, monetization, and growth. It provides an interactive no-code platform that allows users to create a community token and NFT memberships on multiple chains. There are lots of actual use cases for social tokens and NFTs:

  • Crowdfunding πŸ“£: Raise funds as contributors will receive Social Tokens in exchange for their USD, and will be incentivized to do it.
  • Giving a financial value to your TokenπŸ’°: Requires liquidity pool; create your liquidity pool on Uniswap
  • Secure Initial Funding To Accomplish Your Vision 🎯
  • Ignite Your Community by Offering Early Access to Members 🎟️
  • Grow Engagement Ratio Within Your Community πŸš€
  • Distribute governance power strategically when launching a Social Token πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸŒΎ

The platform's most distinctive aspect is its ability to ensure security and compatibility with the most efficient scaling solutions of Ethereum. The smart contract factory handle these operations, and simplifies the tokenization.

How it's Made

This project uses @connectkit SDK and wagmi behind the scenes to connect with multiple chains. We used Solidity to develop a smart contract that initializes a factory to create customized social tokens or NFT collections as per the user’s details and the utility of tracking. The smart contract is deployed on the @Scroll, @Polygon zkEVM, and @Mantle testnet which enables our multichain support. We created this semantic frontend using NextJS, Tailwind CSS, and Chakra-UI. The dashboard provides everything that a user needs which includes support and previous logs of any created asset on tokenverse. We've designed tokenverse in such a way that it helps any user to easily launch their own token or NFT memberships. It’s simple and basic. This project uses @wagmi to useContractRead behind the scenes so users can see how many tokens or NFT memberships they have created on tokenverse through their dashboard.

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