Tokenize Music

Accept as input an mp3 file and convert into an ethereum token

Tokenize Music

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Project Description

This project is my attempt at creating an NFT based on an mp3 file. The goal of this project is to get some experience developing on the Ethereum blockchain. My goal was to make an NFT with its ID being a hash of the mp3 file. I don't know any real practical uses for doing this. The only thing I can think of is an application that allows artists to create personalized music and sell it, but I'm not sure that's feasible or even worth doing.

How it's Made

I used Python and Brownie for my development environment. Other than that, it was straight solidity. I spent time researching Solidity and looking at example contracts from their documentation. Additionally, I followed some basic tutorials on setting up a dev environment, and deploying an NFT. The contract I created inherits from the OpenZeppelin NFT contract, and I created a basic token.

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