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TokenBlend - Asset allocation and rebalancing for your Enzyme funds and Ethereum wallet


Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

Specify the desired asset allocation ("token blend") for your Ethereum wallet or Enzyme vault.

Generate a trading plan that performs the swaps necessary to reach the desired distribution.

Choose the optimum swap (uniswap or paraswap).

Deposit tokens into Idle yield generating contracts where possible.

How it's Made

Vue.js dApp using the following:

  • Metamask to connect your wallet.

  • Enzyme:

    • thegraph for looking up vaults controlled by you and relevant assets.

    • enzyme typescript SDK for retrieving balances and executing uniswap trades

  • Uniswap:

    • simple-uniswap-sdk for trade planning and trade execution
  • Paraswap:

    • paraswap SDK for trade planning and execution
  • Idle:

    • ethers.js calls to Idle smart contracts for token redeeming and depositing
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