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Token Tutor

Token Tutor: Revolutionize how you create value. πŸš€ Tutors, tokenize your time as a valuable asset. πŸŽ“ Learners, gain direct access to experts or trade their time. πŸ“ˆ A virtuous cycle that strengthens the Web3 ecosystem for all!

Token Tutor

Created At

ETHOnline 2023

Winner of


🌊 Tableland β€” Best use of Tableland Basin


🏊 Scroll β€” Pool Prize


πŸ₯ˆ XMTP β€” Best Use

Project Description

Token Tutor is a web3 platform designed to create a new economic model around the concept of time. The platform serves as a marketplace for individuals, particularly tutors and learners, to tokenize, trade, or consume "time" as a valuable asset. It targets people with substantial communities around them, such as influencers, thought leaders, or educators in the web3 or web2 spaces.

Key Participants: Tutors: These are the subject matter experts, thought leaders, or influencers who tokenize their time.

Learners: These are the individuals who purchase or trade these tokens to gain direct access to the tutors.

Features : Time Tokenization: Tutors can tokenize slots of their time, setting their own prices based on perceived value.

Catalogue Access: A broad range of profiles for learners to browse and choose whose time they want to buy.

NFT Burning for Access: To consume the purchased time, learners would "burn" the NFT, triggering a scheduled interaction.

Market Dynamics: Beyond consuming time, learners can also speculate on the future value of an tutor's time and trade these tokens accordingly.

Limited Minting: Tutors have the flexibility to control how much of their time they want to tokenize, say, "3 calls per week," to manage their availability.

Web3 Profiles: Integrates social identities, on-chain proof of activities, and resumes decentralized stored to give a comprehensive view of each tutor.

The platform operates as a virtuous cycle. As tutors earn from their time, they are encouraged to contribute more value, either by creating educational content or direct mentoring. Learners gain valuable knowledge or advice directly from credible experts. The fluid market dynamics provide opportunities for speculation, trade, and more significant engagement. All these individual benefits feed into a central "Public Good," enhancing the whole web3 ecosystem by democratizing access to knowledge and expertise.

How it's Made

dApp built with Next.js & Solidity

Partner technologies :

Deployed on several chains : Goerli, Scroll, Polygon ZKEVM & Mantle

Social Identity through Next.ID & Mask Network and Sismo Connect

Decentralized storage on IPFS : Filecoin & Tableland Basin CLI

Pay with multiple token like APE Coin

Retrieve data with The Graph and Uniswap

Chat with your tutors & learners thanks to XMTP

All these partner technologies coalesce to deliver an unparalleled user experience and achieve the project's ambitious goals.

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