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Token Flow

Zapier-like web3 automation flows fully leveraging the composability of Web3.

Token Flow

Created At

ETHOnline 2022

Winner of


๐Ÿงพ AAVE Grants DAO โ€” ๐Ÿฅˆ Transaction Builder

Project Description

Today, Token Flow lets users create income automation flows. Our platform will listen to a users direct deposit wallet for new "paychecks" and run their flow automatically. We currently support depositing into Aave to earn yield, token to token swaps on Uniswap, and wallet to wallet transfers. Using Token Flow, crypto natives are able to finally automate their finances without coding. We plan to eventually support generic triggers and actions that will enable more complex multi-chain automation flows. Additionally, we plan to fully audit our smart contracts and redesign some parts of our system to go more fully on-chain for security.

How it's Made

We have dispatch smart contracts that our rules engine calls when a flow gets triggered. These smart contracts are written in solidity and deployed to polygon mumbai, optimism goerli and mainnet goerli testnets. We are currently integrated with Aave and Uniswap. Our off-chain infrastructure uses dynamodb to store user information, and ethersjs to interact with onchain state and send transactions on behalf of our users. Our UI is written in React and NextJS.

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