Smart Contract to split your earnings with someone to support them


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Project Description

This project is a smart contract that lets you split any ERC20 or Ether with them on a fixed percentage basis. You can change the address and the percentage to support different people at different time. For example, if you want to support a cause, you can specify their address, and use the deployed contract address to receive any earning or funds. Later, you can claim those funds from this contract, and in the same txn, a split will be made to the specified cause address.

How it's Made

I used scaffold-eth to bootstrap the app, Solidity and Openzeppelin-library to write smart contract and make it ownable. Owner can set an address and a percentage in terms of basis points. The contract then exposes two functions to claim erc20 and ether. These function then split the balance between the owner and the specified address according to basis points.

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