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Toddler Tycoons

Li'l investors trying to take over the world economy. NFT's that own a treasury and reward their holders. #NFTthatPays #NFTxDEFI

Toddler Tycoons

Created At

NFTHack 2022

Project Description

Toddler Tycoons is an NFT project where the money accumulated by minting is first stored in the treasury and then the treasury invests the sum into stable DeFi Protocols. The NFT holders are rewarded by distributing the returns on the investments made by the treasury. Apart from the minting revenue, the treasury is also funded by the royalties from each consecutive trade of the NFTs, which is again invested in the DeFi Protocols. All the NFTs will be backed by the amount in the treasury and will have a definitive always increasing floor price. The NFT holders can return these NFTs to the treasury if its market price drops below base price set by treasury and get the base price. This shields the buyers of our NFTs from market movements and devaluation of our NFT Price. When returning an NFT the Treasury will pay back the NFT holder the floor price at that point in time. All the NFTs collected by the treasury (acquired, returned, etc.) will be auctioned.

If Future there will be a DAO. Where each NFT holder can vote. Today NFT forms a community but our NFT community will have treasury and funds to back them up. They can collectively take decisions to support other projects and all kinds of things.

NFT Collection on OpenSea :

How it's Made

Smart Contracts:

Toddler Tycoons is an ERC721 standard contract. It's a collection of 10,000 unique NFT's. Initially Our community members can mint NFTs at a fair price (50 USDC), the contract allows 8000 of the NFTs to be minted. After that 1 NFT out of the remaining 2000 is auctioned per week using the ZoraAuctionHouse. The contracts adds the mint fee and the USDC from auction to its treasury. Later a 2.5% Royalty fee on each subsequent sale is charged and added to the treasury ( We use Rarible Protocol for this). The treasury is invested into DeFi protocols and the yield is distributed among all NFT holders. The treasury is always ready to buy back the NFTs at (balance of treasury/Number of NFTs) .Since the treasury is always growing (By collecting royalties) therefor the base price of each NFT is always increasing. The holder of the NFT have double incentives to hold NFT since NFT Price is increasing and they also get yield on top of that.


The UI of the app is made using React.js. And the front-end is connected to the Smart Contracts using web3.js. The wallet connections and management is done using web3Modal. The state in the react app is managed using ContextAPI.

Generative Art:

For the generative art, I used Hashlips Art Engine. The art was then uploaded to Pinata and once cid was generated I updated the utils of the file.

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