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A ToBeContinued Token is a protocol that extended upon ERC721 (NFT) that enables copyright-protected collaboration among creators, and rewards each contributor according to their declared share of contribution.


Created At

ETHSanFrancisco 2022

Winner of


🀝 ENS β€” Integration Bounty


πŸ”Ÿ Optimism β€” Top 10 Deployed


9️⃣ IPFS & Filecoin β€” Top 9


5️⃣ Covalent β€” Best Use

Project Description

  1. Protocol: We built a protocol that's based on ERC-721(NFT) and added the functionality to keep track of dependency NFTs and their corresponding share. We make sure the total share on a single path couldn't be higher than 100%. We also made the token self-tradable such that whenever the transfer function of the smart contract is being called, the token automatically finds the contributors and transfers the correct portion of profit to them.

There're many applications of this new kind of contribution model. In the music, novels, and art industries, whenever the work is hard to be done all alone, this model would help. We can also make collaborations possible across industries.

We'll take music as an example. Let's say a person is good at writing melodies but he/she never writes a whole song because he/she isn't good at lyrics and everything else that makes it a full song. So he mints his melody as a To Be Continued Token. Then someone good at making beats heard the melody and think it got great potential, then he made a beat for it, and he declared a share of 40%. Two more people came in and built on top of the melody and beats and finally, it'd been turned into a full song.

Now someone listened to the whole song and really likes it. He purchased person 4's NFT with 100 ETH. The transfer function will then look at each contributor and send 20, 40, 15, and 25 ETH to each of them. So everyone's work got credited and they all benefits from it.

Next Step

  • Trading platform: Trading platform, where all verified TBC Tokens could be traded via our platform, not limited to the writing NFTS, (It's automatic trading since once the owner lists the NFT, and when someone buys it, it'll call the transfer function in the smart contract, which will calculate and split the money automatically, without going through anyone else's hand)
  • More applications in different areas. Music platform, design platform
  • Services: We might also support services, APIs, and SDKs to support other creation platforms to integrate our token into them
  • Multi-Dependency: We will continue to explore better ways to make contributions fair and in more scenarios. Currently, you could only extend on one NFT, but there could be cases where you want to quote multiple NFTs, and that's something really complicated in the economic model sense. But we'll be thinking more about this as well and hopefully, we come up with a model that works well in the future.
  • Legal Issues: something significant to have, we need to address the legal issues around the copyright of every creation. That's something we'd like to talk to lawyer friends about and come up with a good solution that protects every contributor.

If anyone has any good ideas, suggestions, or recommendations, please talk to us, and we can discuss them together and make something game-changing.

Telegram: @karywjh @acttmer

How it's Made

Polygon, Optimism, Gnosis Chain: We've deployed our smart contract on Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, and Gnosis Chain so that creators have the choice to publish their creations to the chain that best fits their needs. On our writing platform's home page (, people can browse novels and extend the chapters that are being created on any of those chains as well.

ENS: We also used ENS and ENS resolver to display the ENS domain name of users on our writing platform. We mint the ENS domain name on the NFT cover image of novels and chapters to show who the author is.

IPFS: The cover image as well as the novel's content are all stored on IPFS, and fetched in real-time. We made heavy use of IPFS and to store and fetch article content.

Covalent API: We use Covalent API to provide analytical data to help investors to evaluate ToBeContinued Tokens' worth and potential. For example, we used GET NFT transactions APIs to compute the count of transactions and total values.

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