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Manage all your DeFi positions on StarkNet seamlessly with Titan! A unified platform offering unparalleled control, security, and efficiency for all your DeFi needs.


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Project Description

Titan is an advanced DeFi management platform designed specifically for the StarkNet ecosystem. It gives users the tools to manage, optimize, and secure DeFi positions on a unified platform.

With the emerging growth of DeFi platforms every day, it is very difficult for retail users to actively manage their DeFi assets and liquidity positions while earning the highest APR. Titan is designed to solve the same problem of complex liquidity management, yield maximization, and complex UX.

At the core of Titan are its Titan Smart Accounts which are used to manage the positions for the user. From supplying liquidity on Ekubo to lending assets on Nostra, users can import/create/manage all of their positions through a single platform.

Whether you're a novice or an experienced DeFi user, Titan offers the tools and resources to maximize returns and streamline your DeFi experience on StarkNet.

How it's Made

TSA contracts are written in Cairo language and are used to manage their positions, delegate the assets to the vault for yield maximization, or simply act as a single point of entry to any DeFi application.

Titan uses Ekubo protocol APIs to fetch the user's positions and the supported tokens and interacts with the Ekubo protocol's smart contracts to open/close a position for the user through the Titan Smart Contract, which are smart contract accounts created for the user when the login into the app.

Titan uses Dynamic for authentication, authorization, and onboarding of the user, and Prisma, along with PostgreSQL, is used to store the TSA contract address for the newly logged-in user. It also uses voyager to view transactions and contract interactions.

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