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Tides Gas Saver

USDC Transfer Gas Saver

Tides Gas Saver

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Project Description

Tides enable USDCs users to save ETH by sending USDC transactions and enable others users to earn USDC tips by calling approved transfers in a bulk. After user connect his wallet to our service, he can create an approve of USDC transfer to be later called by another user, and save ETH doing this. To store the approval, user has to define the recipient of the transfer, the amount of the transfer and how much he wants to pay as a tip to the caller. He also has to set a deadline for approval to be active. After that he must sign two approves, one for the main transactrion and other for the gas tip transfer. Once the process is over, his approval already appears on our list of open approvals and can be called by any user who wants to pay the gas for the transactions and earn the correpondent tips in usdc. Using Tides both sides wins.

How it's Made

Tides its a Layer 1 solution for gas fess and works with USDC v2 - EIP 3009, token that has a specific function - Transfer With Authorization - that allows this type of transactions. The service works using one smart contract which is responsible for receiving the tips and sending it to the user who paid the transaction's gas fees. The smart contract was tested on Ropsten Testnet. The Demo of APP was built using Angular and the service to store approvals and facilitate the sending of bulk transactions will run on Ethereum Layer 2.

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