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A ticketing platform showcasing an innovative, network-effect driven affiliate marketing system


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Scaling Ethereum

Project Description

We are showcasing a network-effect driven affiliate marketing program to accelerate user growth. It can be used by any companies selling products and services, especially new companies in the blockchain space trying to build up the initial cohort of user base.

We demonstrate the new marketing program by incorporating it into a ticketing platform called TicketShare. Individuals receive promotion rewards not only for direct referrals but also for any users that their referrals bring in.

How it's Made

We built the front end using React and Boostrap for styling. We created the contracts using Solidity with Openzeppelin. The images are stored on Skale file storage while the contracts are deployed on Skale test network.

We add Torus Wallet to make it easy for user to create wallet with Gmail.

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