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Cool Way to decentralize reforestation, user buys trees and depending on balance unlocks different things in Dapp. Anything that makes a Dapp would come in, on purchase music, on transfer stars shooting, a cool Dapp with multi UI functions.


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Project Description

For every tree in Dapp a real tree is planted, users can us Thera Tokens to interact with other users, but basically we would like to develop around the currency, as creating a Marketing for products and develop around the platform symbiotic Contracts that work with Currency.

To promote global unity around this idea and make it more dynamic, user will be able to play in forest like world, and also interact with other avatars in a game. Token holders will have different avatar clothing but won't change game play making it a free world as the objetive is socializing and not negating somebody without tokens.

How it's Made

Eth Scaffold creates a safe connection to IPFS, UI receives balance, and transferability. Users in platform can interact in a garden like area where they have their own spirits(character) the characters, or can stay in the initial area where they can see their balance, there are over 2000+ trees that can be reforested, a cool attempt would be the users being able to chose the name of reforested areas, create a community of earth like people, since this platform would need to be vivid, a cool react Good News could be created as a portal of great news that happen world wide, as ideas must continue developing and evolving around the app.

Being the main idea, an area and space where good people reforesting the Amazon can go. Market like area can receive Theras and trade in for exclusive, unique and man made Amazon Products. Thera is a new Terra(earth) for people to interact on Web.

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