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theGiving storage sponsor

Proof of concept for a module based plugin for a fundraising sponsor to choose a decentralized way to host the fundraising project.

theGiving storage sponsor

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Project Description

Our current project "theGiving" currently is deployed using Vercel with details of various fundraiser projects being stored on chain. We have unique data stored on the chain associated with the fundraising project. We are looking at using IPFS to store web3 experience such as the fundraiser description, and any comments the sponsor wishes to display when starting the fundraiser, we would then store a hash of this data on chain and then validate that hash against what is being seen on the site viewed through IPFS.

This project wills study/learn filecoin FEVM and other aspects to see if such measures would no longer be required, or if it can be added as a "selection" for a user to pick when creating a fundraising event/project.

How it's Made

This is a work in progress and will not likely get a working solution due to the single hacker working on this getting sick. I will submit what I have for the sake of getting the idea/desires out.

User Story/workflow:

  1. User logs in and is already registered
  2. user starts a fundraiser
  3. User is asked how they wish to provide storage for hosting the site. (currently reachable via vercel at
  4. User selected "filecoin/FEVM"
  5. User gets option create/load an escro account that will sponsor/act as the funder for storing data associated with the project.
  6. When contract is made, a notificaiton is sent out using a decentralized notificaiton (such as EPNS/Push Protocol) with optional integration to web2 announcing a site has been sponsored with an address people can use to contribute to continue/pay for the fundraising campaign if needed.
  7. When a funding campaign is finished, the idea is the sponsor can end the sponsorship for payment of storage for the site with extra funds being re-directed to other fundraiser sites or to keep the "main" site running as a fall back. (Nice to have)
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