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A web platform where users rent / sell / buy and manage property on a peer-to-peer network


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Project Description

In this project, we are helping you break free from broker hassles. Our distributed ledger is built upon Ethereum programming in Solidity. Let's walk through this exciting process together!

The decentralized process enabled a fair share of income for the landlord, new tenant, prior tenant and us. An automated 12-month lease will be initiated for the highest bidder upon conclusion of the auction process. Deposits will be collected in an omnibus bank account that generates earnings from investments. Additional revenue streams are created through partnership with third-party retailers.

With the pandemic outbreak in early 2020, more remote positions become available. Suburban housing are trendy among those who has started their career, formed a family and could afford it. Now is a great time to launch this project.

We aim to help millennials move into, away and within NYC neighborhoods. Young people that are starting their careers and life adventures can then focus on important aspects of life while navigating through the leasing process seamlessly. In addition, millennials are tech-savvy. They are likely to overcome easily the conceptual barrier on blockchain distributed ledgers. As a result, due to time and the location, our project will start with initial cash flow and sustainable growth afterwards.

How it's Made

As of backend programming, we used:

Solidity - a target Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), influenced by

  • C++

  • Python

  • JavaScript

Note: Extension installed in Visual Studio Code

Web3.js - API in JavaScript for Ethereum

  • Report to and get reports from python terminal on disputes from IPFS uri through Pinata

  • Interact with smart contract on Ethereum blockchain

  • ABI acquired from compiling Solidity smart contracts in Remix

Ganache - Linked with MetaMask

  • to Localhost:8545 in this project demo

  • Desktop application installed

Two solidity files are involved:

  • Brokerless.sol defining Auction, Lease, Omnibus and BankInterest contracts

  • BankInterestGenerator.sol defining BankInterest contract

For front-end, we coded in JavaScript, HTML and JSON files.

Please see GitHub for details on the workflow.

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