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The Mango Jelly @ LFGrow

Monetization & discovery platform for content creators with a Marketplace for content NFTs

The Mango Jelly @ LFGrow

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Project Description

Our platform helps creators to get discovered by a wide audience, publish content and earn money.

They can accept payments in crypto and fiat, offer memberships, host Livestreams and mint and sell content as NFTs.

There are three major components: User Profile, Content Feed and NFT Marketplace. All minted content is showcased and categorized on our NFT marketplace for fans to purchase.

We also suggest content monetization strategies curated based on creators' experiences and inputs.

How it's Made

We used React JS for our frontend, Node JS for backend and Mongo DB for database. Sponsor Tech used:, LIT Protocol, Livepeer and Polygon (via Lens).


Our frontend uses Lens as Infra for content publishing and minting. Creators can publish posts with images, videos & text, and mint them as content NFTs to be sold on our marketplace. Content can be shared using Mirror and comments can be made directly.

LIT Protocol:

Creators can publish content and mark it as premium. Such premium content is unlockable only to the followers who have purchased a membership via LIT Protocol.


Creators can start a Livestream from the feed page powered by Livepeer. The Livestream can also be marked as premium to be unlocked by members only.


Creators can mint their content on the Polygon blockchain via our Lens based backend to be purchased by fans from the content feed, their profile page or our content NFT marketplace

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