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The DAOVerse

The DAOVerse is a 3D Web & VR-enabled metaverse platform facilitating community onboarding & engagement. DAOs, NFTs & Web3 communities can create their own gamified experiences for the earning of tokens/rewards/NFT Badges in tailored community virtual spaces.

The DAOVerse

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Project Description

Our DAOVerse dApp enables Web3 communities (DAOs, NFT Creators and more) to gamify & personalize the process by which they onboard and incentivize new and existing community members. Our project provides an easily tailored 3D Web & VR-enabled metaverse framework that can be adopted and implemented for enhancing community engagement.

Given the ethos behind a decentralized community, there are inherent pain points associated with managing growth. New and prospective community members often times are asked to join several fragmented social media platforms such as Telegram, Discord, Twitter – with no real clear flow of information or engagement. You join, and then what? The bounce rate, attrition rate and diffusion of responsibility inherent in social dynamics makes it a real challenge to meaningfully strengthen and grow your community. As members of Blu3DAO along with multiple other DAOs and NFT project communities, our core DAOVerse team has first-hand experience with these issues.

After extensive research, we discovered that there are not presently any impactful online gamification platforms aimed at creating an engaging onboarding and continued community experience with ongoing reward challenges for core contributors. This is especially true when it comes to bridging DAOs (or other Web3 communities) in a simple way, into evolving metaverse landscape capabilities. Social science reinforces the fact that the strengthening of communities relies on continued and meaningful social engagement. This is what The DAOVerse facilitates.

With The DAOVerse dApp, we make this process simple, starting with gamifying onboarding by providing badge/NFT awards for completing onboarding tasks. Once you connect your wallet, and select your avatar, you enter the initial “onboarding level” with mission/reward parameters designated by the existing community. You have the choice of exploring this tailored environment via either web browser, mobile devices or a compatible VR headset. As you explore this unique environment and complete tasks, you are able to encounter and communicate with other prospective community members from all over the world who also might be exploring this space. Once the minimum task requirements set by the present community have been met, new members gain access to the full benefits of that specific DAOVerse environment. This initial gating is aimed at educating new and prospective community members as to the mission and culture they will experience as they level up.

For the purposes of this beta-project launch, we created a DAOVerse specifically for Blu3DAO. New prospective members need to collect 3 POAP badges (LEARN, EARN & PLAY) through a series of actions or quests in accordance with the core tenants of Blu3DAO. For EARN, you connect your wallet. For LEARN, you read about the DAO, watch a video and take a quiz. For PLAY you need to follow 2 out of 4 social media handles for the DAO. Once all 3 badges have been earned, you are gifted an NFT entrance pass, and are able to participate in the full Blu3DAOVerse.

Within the full Blu3DAOVerse experience, we created four distinct areas of engagement. The first area is “The Bounty Chest” – a place where core DAO team and frequent contributors can post all levels of initiatives and projects with corresponding DAO token rewards for completing. Members can bid on these projects to earn token rewards. The second area is the Community Area. This is where you can wander over with your avatar and check out what’s going on with your fellow community members, possibly finding future collaborators on Bounty projects! The 3rd area for Blu3DAO is the Resources Area. This is where members can share links and media they feel will be useful to fellow DAO members. The final 4th area is the Event Area, where we will be able to live-stream workshops and host community events.

As of the deadline for this weekend’s ETHAmsterdam Hackathon, we have accomplished the following:

-Launch of dApp integrated with Coinbase Wallet, Wallet Connect and Web3 Auth

-Full 3D/VR-enabled metaverse launched using Mozilla Hubs (onboarding + full DAOVerse for Blu3 DAO)

-NFT minting capabilities added for passport between onboarding experience & full DAOVerse utilizing Tatum API on Polygon, with assets stored on IPFS

At this stage, as of our submission date, the audience will be able to connect their wallets and engage with the environments we created for both the onboarding and the main DAOVerse. Further communication with Blu3DAO will be required to propagate the necessary assets with regards to live Bounty, Event, Learning and Community membership resources.

Addressing usability, we spent extensive time on the initial wallet connection features of our DAOVerse dApp. Since we are touting onboarding ease, we thought it particularly important to allow for a wide array of options with regards to wallets. Our integration with Web3Auth, Coinbase Wallet and WalletConnet, allows users of all wallet experience levels to take part in the onboarding experience with very few clicks. At each stage of initial onboarding, our efforts are focused on creating a smooth user experience between completing missions, automatically receiving rewards and advancing to the main DAOVerse Experience.

How it's Made

Our project is a dApp built using Mozilla Hubs, A-FRAME, and React.js as the frameworks for our 3D VR enabled Metaverse. We’ve built upon it and customized the experience for our first pilot DAOVerse: Blu3 DAOVerse. When a user first lands on the website, they are able to log in/sign up using a variety of wallet integrations including Coinbase Wallet, Wallet Connect, and Web3Auth. We utilize Tatum to help automate the minting of NFT rewards and badges on Polygon. We are hosting the metaverse assets on IPFS. Other relevant dependencies of our app are JavaScript, ethers, web3react.

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