The Blockchain Land

The Blockchain Land is a LongTerm Strategy Game. A combo of the most popular :) and my favorite

The Blockchain Land

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Road to Web3

Project Description

A combo of the best games :). The Blockchain LandNFTs are 1000x1000pixels and make up larger parcels in the game map. LandNFTs have 100 plots inside of them, plots are 100x100pixels. Plots have resources. Based on the resource metadata of the LandNFT impacts the yield it can return. For example if a LandNFT has a lot of plots with forest then it will yield more more WOOD then another land tile with less forest. And if a LandNFT doesn’t have any forest then it cannot yield any WOOD. Learn more here and view upcoming 0x0y Parcels here

How it's Made


PixelDust ERC20



The Blockchain Land NFTs

0x0y ERC721

Parcel 0x0y A1


PixelDust (PXD) ERC20


PixelDustManufacturer (send MATIC to mint PXD, 1 to 1 exchange ratio)

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