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The Ape Inn

The Ape Inn is where all the big apes come to play... Stake, swap or shop with all your $APE's. Checkout our Gucci Ape merch section for limited releases, Ape AI search and so much more coming like our ApeSwap and more liquidity pools and pairings.

The Ape Inn

Created At

Scaling Ethereum 2023

Winner of


🥈 ApeCoin — Best Integration


🥈 ApeCoin — Best Contribution

Project Description

At the Ape Inn you will find all the great Yuga Apes and more. Visit our showcase of all the BAYC & MAYC Apes and their unique attributes and traits. Let's ape in now and stop monkeying around!

Stake, claim or swap your $APE tokens and BAYC, MAYC and BAKC NFTs all in one slick interface. Our Apecoin $APE liquidity pools are no monkey business with APY's that will drive you bananas, it's where all the big Apes come to play.

Visit the ApeSwap to access new Apecoin pairings and more liquidity pools coming soon.

The Ape Inn aims to offer the Apecoin community dashboards, analytics, DAO tooling, and so much more, make sure to check out our merch section for some more monkey business.

IntMax Account Abstraction

The Intmax wallet integration is an account abstraction focused, wallet-less wallet with biometric authentication that is used in The Ape Inn.

How it's Made

This is a simple web3 dApp that is built using vue.js, pinia and some plain old css magic. Our responsive app is rock 'n ready as a PWA so we can mint a mobile app.

Lookout for our Intmax wallet integration, an account abstraction focused, wallet-less wallet with biometric authentication.

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