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Test Transactor

Confirm the correct recipient address by sending gas-free messages instead of paying for test transactions

Test Transactor

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HackMoney 2022

Project Description

Have you ever sent a small test transaction to verify the recipient address? Don't you ever wish you could confirm the address without having to pay for the gas on that test transaction? Well, your wish just came true because the Test Transactor dApp solves that problem. Instead of sending a test transaction, it allows users to send messages via Waku. If the address, successfully receives the message, then that indicates the address is correct. If not, then the address is incorrect. By substituting encrypted messages for test transactions, users can save on the gas fees they would have used on those test transactions.

How it's Made

The Test Transactor dApp allows users to send messages via the Waku network. It is based on the Toy Ethereum Private Message protocol, which enables a peer to send an encrypted message to another peer using the Waku network, and the peer's Ethereum address. The app uses protocol buffers (protobuf) to serialise messages and send them over the network.

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