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Private Attestation platform on blockchain to generate and verify the data


Created At

Scaling Ethereum 2023

Winner of


📜 Scroll — Just Deploy!


🥉 Taiko — Best Dapp

Project Description

We have developed a decentralized verifiable credentials protocol using ZK proofs. Anyone can attest a credential to anyone privately, and the receiver can generate a zk proof to convince a third party about the authenticity of the crendential.

This is established using merkle tree in smart contract which store all the credential. The leaf contains a nullifier and the credential in hashed form so it is hidden from public. Only the issuer and receiver know this nullifier and can generate zk proof to establish authenticity while hiding the nullifier.

How it's Made

We are using circom for zk circuits, solidity and foundry for contract development and scaffold-eth for UI.

We have deployed the contracts on Taiko, Scroll, Optimism, Gnosis and Polygon. So the attestation and proof verification can happen on any of these chains.

Each participant in the protocol will need a different contract to have different merkle roots.

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