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Next-gen Decentralized Exchange & Peer-to-Peer Transactions on Hyperspace


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FVM Space Warp

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Project Description

Tau introduces a next-gen decentralized exchange providing liquidity, an auto-farming stablecoin, and enabling peer-to-peer transactions on the Hyperspace network.

Tau allows users on the Hyperspace Network to trade directly from their wallets rather than through a 3rd-party -- your tokens never leave your custody, and are 100% owned by you. Further, low trading fees and high liquidity makes Tau an attractive platform to trade with, and also helps provide a broad range of support to various facets of the Filecoin community -- to continuously adapt to the changing markets by continuing to provide value to both token holders and the community. Tau provides the following features:

a. High-efficiency swapping (fork of Uniswap; made more gas-efficient)

b. Yield Farming

c. Capital-efficient Lending & Borrowing Protocol

d. Auto-farming Stablecoin (taUSD)

e. Secure Cross-chain Bridge

Please read the GitHub README for more details (including the demo video which I wasn't able to upload directly due to some UI issues):

How it's Made

Frontend built in NextJS and React. Smart contracts written in Solidity, and pieced together (and deployed) with Hardhat. Backend code contains the server for our secure bridge relay service which listens for events on the source chain and broadcasts them to the destination chain.

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