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Syndicate is a web3 community chat app.


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Project Description

What is Syndicate?

  • Syndicate is a web3 community chat app. While Syndicate functions similar to traditional chat apps like Discord or Slack, it also takes advantage of web3 technologies such as ERC20 tokens.

What can it actually do?

  • With invention of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology, the internet now has a trust-less way of verifying asset ownership. On Syndicate you can instantly create a chat room where members of the community must own a particular asset. For example, if I want to create a community where only ChainLink Whales (people that have at least 1000 LINK tokens) are allowed to enter. I can create a chat room with such parameters.

How it's Made

Syndicate is primarily a web app that reads Ethereum blockchain data via web3.js

Users simply connect their wallet and Syndicate will look up public wallet information for chat validation.

The web app it self is built with:

  • firebase for messaging

  • React, redux front-end

  • nodejs backend

  • mongodb for metadata store

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