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all in one protocol for secure AI Agents, from creating workflows to using them seamlessly

Created At

HackFS 2024

Project Description

/ AI agents are going to take over the work we do on our devices / To enable agents, it is important to create agents that can seamlessly talk between software to implement specific use cases / allows users to create those specific workflows with the help of the API they have access to / users also get to purchase and run these agents seamlessly with all necessary customisation /the drag-and-drop UI makes it easy for users to visualise their workflow and also speed up the creation of it / we also aim to create agents which are secure, private and transparent / less intervention, more output driven

Moving one step towards our goal of taking AI from the generative to the agentic phase

How it's Made

We built our platform using Next.js for an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making workflow creation straightforward. Solidity powers our smart contracts, ensuring secure, decentralized operations. For protocol deployment and incentive alignment, we leverage Filecoin, providing data security and user incentives.

Galadriel handles decentralized AI inference, enhancing scalability. Lillypad with models like Stable Diffusion manages image generation, while LLaMA handles intermediate tasks. Fluence runs cloudless functions, ensuring the platform remains decentralized. orchestrates the agents, facilitating seamless communication and workflow execution.

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