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Make custom shortcuts of transaction, on-chain data with No-code.


Created At

ETHSanFrancisco 2022

Winner of


πŸ† ETHSanFrancisco Finalist

Project Description

Swallow project helps non-engineer user to build the custom shortcuts of transaction and custom widget of on-chain data with No-code.

We are trying to solve the 3 problems below.

  1. non-engineer users are hard to execute complicated tx and querying data on-chain.
  2. There are so many DApps to use, and they are implemented by all several sites.
  3. the graph, Dune, etc are great tools for dev but it’s still hard for non-engineer.

So, we decided to build the Web3 SHORTCUT Tool for non-engineer user. In Addition, our project allows engineers to build the cool shortcuts as a package that can be served to non-engineer. Engineers can build the shortcuts with their developing skills on our open platform and earn money by selling it.

In conclusion, Swallow project is the builder economy platform that can be an interface between engineer and non-engineer.

How it's Made

Our project have three components.

  • Swallow Smart contracts We can register 'Shortcut Block' on contract. Then, user can combine the blocks to build their own 'Shortcuts'. Also, user who can code, can build the 'Shortcut Block' and 'Shortcuts(which can not built without code, because it's so complicated)' and earn incentives. Swallow smart contract is an important part of roadmap that we are trying to achieve.

  • External Components We tried to use external services actively. For example, aggregating is not the core part of our project, so we did not build by ourselves, we just used 0x.

  • Front-end Swallow's front-end target non-engineer users mostly. Therefore, we tried to build our UI(User Interface) as easy as possible.

Swallow project uses the three sponsor technology.

  1. Polygon
  • We deployed all of the smart contracts on Polygon Mumbai network.
  • Our project will help Polygon to lower barriers of non-engineer side users.
  1. The Graph
  • Swallow uses The Graph for convenient communication with its own smart contracts and external smart contracts. You can check our subgraph API.
  1. 0x
  • All of our project's 'buy(swap)' transactions are connected with 0x. Therefore, we do not need to consider dozens of DEX. Thanks for 0x.

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