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Supplychain-On MODE

Track product journeys on MODE with our Supply Chain Management smart contract. Handle ownership, payments, and shipping seamlessly. 🌐📦

Supplychain-On MODE

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Project Description

The Supply Chain Management Smart Contract is a decentralized solution for tracking the complete lifecycle of products within a supply chain on the Ethereum blockchain. It aims to provide transparency, security, and efficiency in managing the movement of goods from creation to delivery.

This smart contract allows participants in the supply chain ecosystem to interact with products and manage their states. Each product is represented as a unique entity with attributes such as the creator's address, product name, price, creation timestamp, current state, and current owner. The states include "Created," "InTransit," "Delivered," and "Completed."

Key Features:

Product Creation: Any participant can create a new product by providing its name and price. This initializes the product's state as "Created."

State Management: The contract enables the transition of a product through various states. For instance, products can move from "Created" to "InTransit" to indicate shipping progress.

Ownership Transfer: Product ownership can be transferred between participants. This feature is especially useful when ownership changes hands along the supply chain.

Payment Handling: The contract supports payments using an ERC20 token. Users can make payments for products, and the contract ensures the proper transfer of value between parties.

Shipment History: The contract maintains a history of participants involved in the shipment process, providing a transparent record of the journey.

Admin Role: An administrator role is implemented for certain actions, such as updating product prices.

By leveraging the blockchain's immutability and transparency, this smart contract contributes to building trust among participants in the supply chain. It reduces the risk of fraud and errors, enhances traceability, and streamlines the overall logistics process. The integration of smart contracts in supply chain management introduces a new level of efficiency and accountability, revolutionizing the way products are tracked and managed throughout their lifecycle.

How it's Made

The Supply Chain Management Smart Contract was crafted using Solidity, tailored for MODE smart contracts. This contract oversees product lifecycles, utilizing the ERC20 token standard for payments. Key components:

Solidity: Core logic and interactions, enabling state changes, ownership transfers, and more.

ERC20 Token: External contract handles payments, promoting user-friendly transactions.

Role Control: Admin role ensures controlled access; events emit off-chain notifications.

Shipment History: Immutable journey record through an address array.


Security: Security best practices adhered to prevent vulnerabilities. Decentralization: MODE's decentralization assures trust. Gas Efficiency: Code optimized for cost-effectiveness. This smart contract optimizes supply chain transparency, security, and efficiency.

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