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This super XEROX NFT printing machine could be used to make copies of your own NFT assets. (for backup or share with your friends, colleague, or family.)


Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

  • You can copy your own NFT tokens ONLY!! 👏 (eventually for any NFT, this version only support CryptoKitties, will support OpenSea or others NFT marketplaces in the future)
  • The cost for copy a "Color" NFT is one xDAI or one COPY token.
  • You can transfer the copies of your NFT token as ETC1155 tokens even in batch.
  • You can use Superfluid dashboard to stream fDAIx to the copy machine for payment.
  • in the future, you can buy COPY tokens and upgrade to COPYx super tokens to pay for copying.
  • will use etherspot SDK for cross-networks copying in the future.
  • DApp is deployed to ipfs/ipns as well.

How it's Made

  • Majorly use Superfluid protocol and SDK to implement the copy machine engine.

  • Use hardhat and remix to deploy and verify contracts.

  • test with (Pillar's) etherspot SDK, ethers, and web3-react integration.

  • study how to use react-spring for animation (incomplete).

  • preact + typescript + ethers.js development.

  • Thanks for superfluid and etherspot teams supports during the hackathon.

  • ipfs, vercel deployment.

  • steams tokens is COOL, I learned a lot from it.

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