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Marketplace to create decentralised mutual funds in crypto assets


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Project Description

SuperTrader is a mutual fund marketplace for crypto assets. Our Goal is to make DeFi more accessible for common people.

for [Investors] who [find it difficult to get into crypto investments] the [SuperTrader] is a [mutual fund marketplace for crypto assets] that [allows you to invest in mutual funds created by professional crypto traders] it is different from [researching the crypto market yourself to figure out which crypto assets to invest in] Our product [lets you pick a strategy and invest money directly out of your crypto wallet in a matter of seconds]

for [Crypto traders] who [are looking for investors that can back their investment strategy] the [SuperTrader] is a [mutual fund marketplace for crypto assets] that [allows you to create a mutual fund in under a minute] It is different from [building your own smart contracts to get into market] Our product [lets you define and deploy your investment strategy and gives you access to willing investors]

How it's Made

When a Trader creates a new mutual fund, MutualFundFactory contract deploys a new mutual fund contract. Each mutual fund contract holds the money specific to that mutual fund. The mutual fund contrats emits events whenever any investor buys or sells the mutual fund units. Subgraph listens to those events and indexes them. The webapp calls subgraph to get the events related to the contracts. Using the data indexed on the subgraph, the webapp displays info related to the mutual fund.

The webapp uses vue.js framework and drizzle for contract interaction.The webapp uses Metamask as the wallet.

Some of the data functionalities are mocked in the UI.

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