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Super Search is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily search for transactions, accounts, and other data on the Ethereum blockchain


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🥇 Covalent — Best Use


🏆 Superhack 2023 Finalist

Project Description

  • A Widget to empower dapps with features of an explorer , supports ethereum , polygon , base , zora , optimism chains
  • User can search for transactions with hash
  • User can search for their accounts Build: I have built it using webpack , for UI I have used react , and bootstrap css , for backend apis I have used covalent APIs

It has a super friendly UI and it can be embedded into apps for easily for having features of a chain explorer

How it's Made

Problem with existing Dapps : -They redirect user to different site for explorer

  • User needs to refresh explorer to see the status update
  • Multi websites needs to be checked for multi chain
  • New Chains in L2 and L3 might not have explorer

I have built a Widget to empower dapps with features of an explorer

I have built it using Covalent APIs who is a sponser

  • I have used react for UI
  • covalent apis
  • useSWR for caching
  • bootstrap for UI
  • used webpack for bundling. html,css and js

Future Improvements

  • Super easy to integrate widget
  • Explorer for transactions, addresses , ENS domains etc.
  • Can add chain rpc urls
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