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Supersaiyan is a decentralised platform that allows anyone to create a subscription service on ethereum in a just few clicks.


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HackMoney 2021

Project Description

Supersaiyan is a decentralised platform that allows anyone to create a subscription service on ethereum in a just few clicks.

Providers (those creating a subscription service) can go to, connect their wallets and register a service. When a service is registered, the provider specifies at a minimum a time horizon and amount. e.g. I want to charge 10 DAI every 14.5 days.

The provider submits a transaction to set up the on-chain subscriptions logic. The transaction also pay for the registration of an ENS subdomain e.g. This subdomain is a valid ENS name and a payment link. The payment link can be shared by providers to users, allowing users to subscribe or donate.

Providers also have the option to issue custom NFTs to their subscribers. For example, a user could be minted an NFT with metadata saying the user is subscriber number "n".

The payment links also give providers the option to accept one time donations.

Allowing providers to easily issue NFTs to their subscribers, is a really interesting way for them to engage with their customers. In the future we wan't to integrate a way for providers to write their own NFT issuing logic.

Why now?

Monthly subscriptions are arguably the most healthy monetization channel for legacy web, especially when compared to ad or surveillance based models. In the past subscriptions on ethereum did not come to fruition, mostly (we think) due to scalability issues and the lack of tested streaming protocols. However with the rise of streaming protocols (superfluid and sablier) and layer 2 solutions, we are getting very close to an environment where subscriptions make sense for users and providers.

How it's Made

Supersaiyan's subscription payments are enabled by the superfluid protocol. We created our own super app with custom logic. The logic allows providers to automatically mint an NFT on the creation of a service. We are leveraging the ERC1155 standard to enable NFT vault for our platform

In order to enable ENS integrated payment links, we performed an ENS DNSSEC integration with the domain.

We also deployed our contracts on polygon, and used IPFS to store the metadata for NFTs minted. We're also working on an implementation of a subgraph for our platform.

Lastly we used the "useDapp" framework to build our Dapp front-end.

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