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Your gateway to web3 gaming. Hassle-free onboarding with email registration and gas-less transactions with Safe and Superfluid. Try out new games today!


Created At

ETHGlobal Tokyo

Winner of


🥇 Reazon — Best Mass Adoption


🏊‍♂️ Polygon — Pool Prize


🎮 Superfluid — Best Gaming


🥈 Gnosis Chain — Best Use


🅰️🅰️ Safe — Best Web2 Experience with AA


🏆 ETHGlobal Tokyo Finalist

Project Description

Overview SuperPlay is a user-friendly onboarding infrastructure that allows gamers to try out Web3 games without the hassle of setting up a wallet or buying assets. SuperPlay also provides gaming projects with a simple and efficient onramp to attract a broader audience.

User Story As a gamer, I want to try out Web3 games without having to set up a wallet or buy assets, so I can understand how to play the game with no knowledge about cryptocurrency.

User Experience

  1. I visit the gaming project's website and register my email address to create a Safe contract wallet.
  2. Upon registration, the system automatically creates a Safe contract wallet that is associated with my email address.
  3. Inside the contract wallet, I own a small amount of the gaming project's ERC20 token, which is used for the subscription.
  4. I can start playing the game without using any assets in my wallet for a limited time (e.g., 1 week).
  5. During the trial, the gaming project covers the gas fees for my transactions using Safe Relay Kits.
  6. After the trial, I can choose to subscribe to the game by paying a fee in the gaming project's ERC20 token with a credit card, which will be charged to my contract wallet automatically every week.


  • Email registration to create a Safe contract wallet
  • Limited time trial without requiring any assets in the wallet
  • Subscription service using the gaming project's ERC20 token and credit card payment
  • Gas fee coverage during the trial using Safe Relay Kits

What's Good for Users

  • Hassle-free onboarding process for non-crypto savvy users
  • Seamless trial experience to try out Web3 games without buying assets or paying gas fees
  • Automatic and convenient subscription service for a seamless gaming experience

How it's Made

Smart contract: Safe Contract Wallet SDK Payment: Superfluid Gas fee management and cross-chain payment: Safe Relay Kits Contract wallet creation and management: Safe Onramp Kits Blockchain: Polygon, Gnosis, Ethereum

To create a seamless user experience, SuperPlay leverages Safe Contract Wallet SDK to provide users with secure contract wallets that can hold ERC20 tokens and interact with dApps. Safe Relay Kits are used to cover gas fees during the trial period, allowing users to try out the platform without worrying about transaction costs.

Superfluid is used for the payment system, allowing for continuous streaming of payments and allowing users to subscribe to gaming projects with ease. The Safe Onramp Kits are utilized to enable users to start a paid subscription without owning any crypto assets, thus eliminating the need for users to have prior experience with cryptocurrency.

Overall, SuperPlay offers a user-friendly, secure and seamless way for users to enter the world of decentralized gaming, with the help of these powerful and versatile technologies.

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