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The Developer Tools Suite for Smart Contracts on OP Stack Chains


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Project Description

SuperHelper is a tools suite for smart contracts on OP stack chains, built to improve the developer experience on the OP stack L2s like Zora, Mode, Base and even custom chains built on top of OP stack. It enhances the developer experience by providing a user-friendly interface for deploying, interacting and verifying smart contracts on these chains. Not only that, but it also provides CLI tools that can do the same functionalities.

The tools that SuperHelper provides are:

Explore: Allows developers to interact with their smart contracts by just pasting their contract addresses. Deploy: Allows developers to easily deploy their smart contracts and also takes care of the compilation of them, so that developers do not have to write any scripts for deploying the smart contracts. Verify: This feature helps developers verify their already deployed smart contracts in a single click. It also attests to the smart contract using EAS. CLI-tools: It allow developers to perform all these functionality, simply from their terminal.

How it's Made

Frontend: The frontend is built using Next and Chakra UI providing a Clean Interactive Interface. The whole core logic is written in JavaScript.

Backend: The compilation part is handled by Solc Compiler, ethers.js is used for contract deployment and interaction with blockchain. Wagmi, Viem and RainbowKit is used wallet connections with these chains.

CLI Tool - Made in NodeJS , and published , to be used further.

The contract data is stored on IPFS using , and is used to fetch the contract later. EAS is used the attest the contract data, for verification of contracts.

This is specifically designed for all the OP stack chains like OP mainnet , Zora , Mode & Base , to improve developer experience and provide an interactive UI for testing their Smart Contracts on all these chains.

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