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SuperFun.Social (SFS)

Like Hackathons are the way to reward developer community to build on Web3, Superfun.Social is a gamified platform to reward all tech non-tech users of Web2 and Web3 for each of their actions from connecting wallets, playing games to creating NFT.

SuperFun.Social (SFS)

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Project Description

Like Hackathons are the way to reward developer community to build on Web3, Superfun.Social is a gamified platform to reward all tech non-tech users of Web2 and Web3 for each of their actions from connecting wallets, playing games to creating NFT.

Problem: Currently while engaging in social media or buying in app virtual assets, we all are being given an illusion of getting value in the form of “Likes” for our content, “Virtual assets” which we really don't own, “Rating/Reputation” which gives users nothing other than making them feel to contribute more and become a loyal user of the platform. As we all invest our time, our data, money, and skills to participate in the network/platform through which we are getting illusions and not getting enough value for our contribution.

SuperFun.Social is a gamified community platform with the core focus of enabling people to generate value for the time they invest and the content they create, ensuring a super fun experience along the way.

What we built? We all are users of Web2 who joined Web3 space but still there are our fellow members of Web2 who have not joined the Web3 party yet so our aim is to provide a Hybrid platform to make it easy for Web2 users to access the platform through easy Email & Web3 wallet Signup process and gradually help them learn the way to access Web3 ecosystem.

We have built:

  1. Web and Mobile Application
  2. Super World - Metaverse. A gamified 3D experience that will leave a WOW feeling to members while having real time interaction with fellow members of the platform.

How are we going to achieve it? By introducing a Gamified incentive structure! SFS will reward community members with Super coins, Crypto, NFTs, and Deals for: 1) For a time they invest in learning 2) Task they perform with their skills 3) For content creation and engagement 4) Rewards and lotteries for fun users have while playing Free to play
Games and for becoming an active member of the community. 5) Super deals and early access of products and services of their interest

Incentivizing users with Learn and Earn: Incentives for Web2 users to learn and participate in Web3. Users will be earning Super coins to learn and connect Web3 wallet, Publish their first NFT, etc. Earn crypto by helping the community and becoming early adopters of the product. Give valuable suggestions to help improve the product, share learning, and access how the product works.

Get rewarded to participate Contests: Perform the task/challenges proposed by DAOs and product owners on the SuperFun.Social. A contest like Best Meme challenge, Digital Marketing strategy challenge, Hiring help challenge. Airdrop & Bounty Programs: Participate in social bounty programs to spread the word product among your network, referral campaigns of helping DAOs and Companies to hire team members and increase users. Generate value for content creation and Engagement: Each skill and content can be valuable if it reaches the right audience. From creating digital art, creating memes, to sharing information that helps people gain knowledge, we all have unique skills and interests.
Now, what if we can tokenize our content and sell it in the form of NFT? Consider creating a meme about any product you love, which goes viral and that company wants to buy it for their marketing campaigns? What if by seeing your best selling memes/info posts NFTs, you get the opportunity to work with the product team you are dreaming to work with? Yes, possibilities are endless if we are able to create the right value for our content.

Super Deals: Hybrid platform with the high engagement of Web2 and Web3 users, the product team will be able to offer the best discounts to the SFS community and SFS community members will get access to the best deals as per their area of interest and amount of Super coins they have.

Gaming rewards and lotteries SFS community will get to play and earn coins. NFT and Tokens by playing different games on the SFS platform. Members of SFS who love to play Games will get a chance to gain early access to play upcoming games. Lottery: where users will get a chance to opt in for a lottery as per the Super coins they possess. The more they contribute to the community participating and engaging the
platform, the luckier they will get to win the lottery.

How it's Made


We have built 1) Multiplayer 3D Interactive Metaverse 2) Web App 3) Mobile app in React Native

Blockchain Tools & Integrations:

Polygon: Tokenize non fungible assets and store them on Polygon Blockchain.

Chainlink VRF: We have used chainlink VRF to generate a random image in our Slot Machine - Lucky lottery game.

Moralis: Used moralis for:

a) cloud functions to interact with chain b) Smartcontract event sync & indexing c) Moralis email plugin d) Moralis Covalent plugin

💾Filecoin/IPFS: Data of all the a) reward based NFT games, b) contests and c) user's post NFT are stored NFT Metadata on IPFS.

⌛️ Covalent- Fatch NFT data with chainid and contract address

a) Memory Game NFTs: In this game user can earn NFTs by playing memory power game and chance to get and airdrops

b) Lottery NFTs: Here we used covalent to retrieve all the lucky lottery NFTs user won.

c) User NFT posts d) Contest NFT Transactions

Web: Reacjs as frontend Mobile App: Cross platform app development React Native

Metaverse:Threejs and Blender


Voicechat: WebRTC

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