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Frame that enables content creator to receive streams through superfluid on base network, also a no code frame development tools to facilitate creation and sharing on farcaster clients.


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Project Description

I have developed a Frame which enables user to create,share and monetize their content on farcaster clinet , added superfluid streams to frames. whenever a requester is streaming to caster with a specified flowrate then only he is allowed to view further content , he can start streaming direct from frames. also build a no code frame development tool which facilitates user to build superfluid frames , upload their content in form of images, share the frame url to farcaster client.

How it's Made

this project uses frog for frame development, superfluid for sending streams , pinata for uploading content to ipfs , pinata fdk for frame analytics , base mainnet for sending streams. frames specific client use pinata farcaster ap to fect frames and channels on farcaster , they are used in ui using frames.js/renderer

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