Superfluid: Bi-directional Flow Agreement

A derivative contract that uses Superfluid's Constant Flow Agreement (CFA) protocol.

Superfluid: Bi-directional Flow Agreement

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Project Description

This project uses 4 CFAs to orchestrate a bi-directional flow agreement (BdFA) between two parties (Alice and Bob). The direction of the cryptocurrency flow is dynamic and flows towards either Alice or Bob depending on the result of some binary event. As a proof of concept, we used a pseudo-random boolean variable to determine the direction of flow. The idea drew inspiration from sports betting and traditional financial derivative contracts. For example, Alice and Bob want to wager on the Superbowl. Alice believes the LA Rams will be the dominant team and will out-score the SF 49ers throughout the match while Bob posits the opposite. These two may take opposite sides of our smart contract and get paid a constant flow of cryptocurrency in real-time while their team is winning. If the other team takes the lead, the flow of cryptocurrency is reversed.

How it's Made

This project relies on Superfluid's cutting edge CFA protocol. Without it, the real-time constant stream of cryptocurrency would not be possible. Nobody on our team had any working experience/knowledge of smart contracts, Solidity or Superfluid before the weekend began. We conceived this idea late Friday night and spent much of the weekend just building our knowledge base to implement a proof of concept that compiles. While our time spent working on this was short, we believe this is a promising idea that can be further improved as our knowledge of Solidity, Superfluid and the Ethereum ecosystem continues to grow.

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