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Supercall - general message passing interface for general users


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Project Description

Supercall offers a simple interface for cross-chain interaction. It empowers non-developer users to compose transactions across multiple chains without writing a single line of code. This project is built on top of the Cross Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), powered by LayerZero, Hyperlane, and Chainlink. With the help of CCIP providers, we can abstract away infrastructure workload and focus only on the application logic. While Cross Chain applications are simpler to develop on top of CCIP providers, they are not simple for general users who cannot code. Thus, SuperCall provides a flexible and intuitive interface that enables anyone to create their own cross-chain application without writing a single line of code. Not only do general users benefit from the SuperCall interface, but developers can also create proof-of-concept projects with it. We also provide a higher level of flexibility through the SuperCall SDK, which offers an abstraction on top of CCIP providers. Developers can use it to easily compose transactions across chains with less time.

How it's Made

  1. Smart contracts The core component of Super Call is "SuperCall contract", which is built on top of CCIP providers, including LayerZero and Hyperlane (we planned to integrate Chainlink but couldn't make it in time). We use Hardhat to develop smart contract with Solidity language.

  2. Frontend SuperCall frontend is developed using Next JS (TypeScript). We use Redux for state management. Ethers JS is used for blockchain communication. We Covalent to fetch transaction logs and display it in an easy to read format. WAGMI and Rainbow Kit are used for wallet connection.

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