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A Google sheets plugin for MultiBaas (a REST API for Ethereum) to allow display, interaction, and analysis of data on the blockchain.

Sunset Supreme

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Project Description

We created a JavaScript plugin for Google Sheets that seamlessly connects with our product MultiBaas.

MultiBaas is a software platform that allows for users to interact with Ethereum and OmiseGO networks via a REST API. The purpose of this platform is to make simple for traditional software developers to build on top of the blockchain.

Our Google sheets plugin allows for users to pull blockchain data directly into a spreadsheet. For example, you may read events from an arbitrary smart contract and quickly transform and visualize the data. Or, you may sign and submit a transaction directly from Google sheets, which opens the door for blockchain-based accounting.

How it's Made

We built the plugin using JavaScript running in Google's Script Editor. To integrate with Google Sheet's API, we used Google's clasp framework. This allows for API calls to be made to MultiBaas from Sheets by setting a cell's value to a function call, eg: =mbquery(...). Additionally, this framework allows for the JSON responses from MultiBaas to be translated into spreadsheet data (rows and columns).

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