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Summit C (Lens => Events => Team)

Using Lens Protocol to create a web3 social media platform for event creators, video streamers, and summit attendees @leelakrishnan @fifestarr thanks @davidesilverman for his feedback

Summit C (Lens => Events => Team)

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Project Description

Wouldn't it be nice, we thought, if we could play with Lens Protocol and the medium of the Summit Event itself, all while keeping the boilerplate code from FLY_V and staying true to our focus on building tools that can enhance hackathons, for everyone?

💡Nice thought /emoji 💭 , but what exactly is Lens Protocol 🤔 and how to use it to improve the ecosystem for Summit makers, buidlers and followers?

Lens Protocol enables anyone to build a robust social media platform on top of set of innovative ideas and smart contracts.

  1. Users own their Profile, which is an NFT (how about that!)

  2. Can create events

It might, and we will probably get around to that after this hackathon, because it might be out of scope.

What do event creators, video streamers, and summit attendees all have in common?


It may not be obvious to everyone, but Web2 Social Media is Broken. Even in the world of web3 hackathons, we fill out profiles again and again, post hopeless messages in #find-a-teammate, and are only directly incentivized to compete with each other for a zero-sum prize situation.

By inviting other hackers into a hackathon, 5 star Tippi reduces his potential share in a prize pool and attention from the busy Mentat Mentors. By openly sharing his project in #project-feedback-session, he risks a bigger or more agile team stealing the gooey core idea and quickly outbuilding his scrappy team of ragtag losers for a crunchy top prize, public adoration, and actual feedback.

How can we incentivize and encourage collaboration and inclusivity?

How can we mitigate zero sum game attitudes' effect on event fun?

Summit C: Lens' NFT Profile, collectable (NFT!) events, easy team (NFT?) building and inherently WAGMI aspirations.

How it's Made

We used Clickup, GitHub, Discord, ETHGlobal Hacker Dashboard, and FLYTV to build this project. We used the boilerplate from our last hackathon to style. Lens Protocol, was used for the Profile and Social Graph, Creating Events, Post, Joining Events, Submitting the project.

utilizing the social graph where people are already there, we can form a community around. lens is perfect for the FLYTV concept.

we built a team management dashboard, but we didn't have a good onboarding experience, with FLYTV.

So when we discovered LENS we were amazed and wanted to try to apply the same concept to this hackathon, this could be an easy way for organizers and users to join our app, and own their work. search team members, create Team profile to track the team activities. This app is deployed in polygon blockchain. Moralis is used to store additional profile information to easy team building. Graph ql is used to query the Lens api. Ether js for connecting to wallet.

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