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Create and manage subscriptions with Fully decentralized, zero-fees and super easy for both merchants and customers.

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ETHGlobal Paris

Winner of


🥈 NEAR — Best Frontend built with BOS


🏊 Neon EVM — Pool Prize

Project Description is a Dapp with a decentralized front-end enabling ERC1155 NFTs subscriptions. Each NFT represents a subscription, kept by the user upon payment. Subscribers can transfer NFTs to recoup costs. The UI interacts with smart contracts on EVM-compatible blockchains. Merchants can deploy NFT collections and manage subscriptions. Customers can purchase and renew subscriptions. The app is deployed on Vercel. Integrations with widgets simplify integration. A lightweight JS SDK verifies valid subscriptions.

How it's Made

We developed our project using Near BOS for the front-end, with smart contracts deployed on various EVM-compatible blockchains (see the full list in the contracts repository, linked in the front-end repo). The subscriptions tokens' metadata is uploaded on IPFS through the front-end. HardHat facilitated contract deployment, testing, and verification. Additionally, we customized BOS-Gateway on Vercel while utilizing a lightweight SDK that allows merchants to easily embed our solution's features on their platforms.

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