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It is a platform that allows users to manage and share subscriptions for digital services (e.g., streaming, software).


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Project Description

Overview SubScribeNet is a comprehensive platform designed for the management and trading of digital subscriptions using the StarkNet blockchain. The platform aims to simplify and secure the process of handling subscriptions for various services, providing a user-friendly interface for both managing and trading these subscriptions. It integrates blockchain technology to ensure transparency, security, and immutability of subscription transactions.

Key Features Subscription Management: Users can manage their subscriptions for various services. They can view details such as the type of subscription, expiry dates, and additional details.

Subscription Trading: Users can trade their subscriptions with others on the platform. This feature includes browsing available subscriptions from other users, viewing details, and initiating trades.

User Authentication: Secure login functionality to ensure that only authorized users can access and manage their subscriptions.

Responsive Design: The platform is designed to be responsive, ensuring a seamless experience across different devices such as desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Social Media Integration: Links to the company’s social media profiles for enhanced connectivity and user engagement.

Company Information: Pages providing information about the company and contact details for user support.

Technical Stack Frontend: The frontend is built using React and styled-components for a modern, responsive, and visually appealing user interface. React Router is used for navigation between different pages.

Backend: The backend is built using Solidity smart contracts deployed on the StarkNet blockchain. These contracts handle the core logic for subscription management and trading.

Blockchain Integration: The integration with the StarkNet blockchain ensures that all subscription transactions are secure, transparent, and immutable.

User Flow Landing Page: The user is greeted with a welcoming page featuring the company’s logo, a brief description of the platform, and a login button.

Login Page: The user can log in using their credentials. Upon successful login, the user is redirected to the dashboard.

Dashboard: The user’s central hub where they can choose to manage their subscriptions or trade subscriptions with other users.

Manage Subscriptions: The user can view a list of their subscriptions, with detailed information about each one. They can navigate to individual subscription details.

Trade Subscriptions: The user can browse a list of other users’ subscriptions available for trade. They can view details about each subscription and initiate a trade.

Subscription Detail Page: Detailed view of a specific subscription, including all relevant information and an option to return to the main subscriptions list.

Trade Detail Page: Detailed view of a specific trade offer, including information about the user offering the trade and the subscription details. The user can choose to proceed with the trade.

About Us & Contact Us Pages: Pages providing information about the company and how to contact support for any inquiries.

How it's Made

Frontend React: The application is structured using React, leveraging components for modular and maintainable code. Components like Header, Footer, LandingPage, LoginPage, Dashboard, SubscriptionList, and TradeSubscriptions are designed to provide a cohesive user experience.

Styled-Components: For styling, styled-components are used. This allows for scoped styling within components, reducing the risk of style conflicts and enhancing the maintainability of the CSS.

React Router: Navigation between different parts of the application is handled by React Router, which allows for declarative routing and deep linking.

Backend Solidity: Smart contracts are written in Solidity to handle the core functionalities of the platform. This includes:

Subscription Management: Functions to add, update, and remove subscriptions, along with retrieving subscription details. Trading Logic: Functions to list a subscription for trade, initiate a trade, accept or reject trade offers, and transfer ownership of subscriptions. StarkNet: The contracts are deployed on the StarkNet blockchain. StarkNet provides a scalable and secure environment for executing the smart contracts, ensuring that all subscription transactions are immutable and transparent.

Blockchain Integration Web3.js: Web3.js is used to interact with the deployed smart contracts from the frontend. This library allows the frontend to send transactions and query data from the blockchain.

Metamask: Users can connect their Ethereum wallets via Metamask to interact with the blockchain. This provides a secure way for users to authenticate and sign transactions.

User Authentication Secure Login: The login functionality is implemented to securely authenticate users. This could be further enhanced with two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security. Responsive Design Media Queries: The application uses media queries within styled-components to ensure that the layout adjusts seamlessly across different screen sizes. Social Media Integration External Links: Social media links are provided in the footer to connect users with the company’s profiles on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. These links open in new tabs to keep the user on the main site.

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