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Cross-chain Auction house Build with SUAVE ⚡🤖 Secret sharing through a Trusted execution environment (TEE)


Created At

ETHGlobal London

Winner of


Flashbots - Chain Abstraction PoC

Project Description

  1. Seller 1.1 Upload data in confidential storage in TEE kettle
    • Data to be sold could be NFT on any chain, private key, etc.
  2. Buyer 2.2 Bid on asset on the desired chain
  3. Reveal data to buyer through the off-chain contract viewing function

This is made possible with the unique architecture of SUAVE kettle running in TEE which brings enhanced privacy (no-one, not even the host OS, can see unencrypted data) and integrity (you can be sure the correct data, and only that data, is stored at all times).

How it's Made

This project uses SUAVE chain utilizing MEVM and the confidential data storage enabled by TEE. Our design is only achievable with TEE for the privacy of the data being sold. Data is only revealed to the buyer, through off-chain contract viewing function. We wish to further add zk-Snark to the data in the future to give buyer a preview of the data he is buying.

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