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Open education network to learn, teach and connect with fellow students of life.


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Project Description

StudentDesk is open education network for all those who are “Student of Life and believe in keep learning throughout life time”

Share and Collaborate: Here members of the platform can follow other profiles as per their interest, share their ideas, projects, queries and ask for any help such as career guidance and mentoring for various education field.

Scholarships: Through out the world, there are many scholarships for higher studies to various sports activities but not everyone is always aware about it. At StudentDesk, anyone can share the information about scholarships and students can list all the scholarships as per their interest at StudentDesk.

Crowdfunding: Students can showcase their project prototype or ideas and ask the community to contribute and raise fund to build the project.

Live/ recorded Courses: Anyone can create a live stream to teach or record versions of courses for their NFT Holders.

How it's Made

Education should be accessible and affordable to everyone regardless of where people belong to and their financial background. Considering high fees of higher studies, many students end up leaving the studies or they take student loans and that heavy burden of loan takes many years to pay back.

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