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A unique way to generate NFTs, this can be used by platforms to allow their users to interact and stay longer showcasing Proof-of-Work. This also makes them enjoy music.


Created At

ETHOnline 2022

Winner of


🏊‍♂️ NFTPort — Pool Prize


🏊‍♂️ XMTP — Pool Prize

Project Description

A decentralized platform for artists, musicians, and music lovers to perform or attend a music show - live, across the globe!

You can play String Fling, for fun or for practice. You could play the music for art or an NFT. You could play because you're bored or to show off to your friends!

Users have to create a profile on the site and connect to a decentralized wallet MetaMask recommended). You can play the instrument by clicking the PLAY NOW button on the home page.

This music played generates an NFT that can be minted. As an artist, you can search for all minted NFTs and sell them later.

As a follower, you can buy these NFTs to gain exclusive access to concerts, and live shows the artist may be performing.

String Fling streams an artist through a live broadcast, so one can create a stream as an artist and go live instantly. Users can find all the live streams occurring around the world by hovering over the general streams page.

Enter the stream free of cost and enjoy the show!

How it's Made

The project use all the amazing sponsors which have helped in building the project in such a efficient manner. I have used NFT Port for minting the generative art NFT's. covalent API for fetching the NFTs. Unstoppable Domain for login functionality. Livepeer for live streaming. Skale for deploying smart contracts with zero gas fees transactions. World coin for unique verification and XMTP for communicating

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