Streaming Farms

Using the Superfluid protocol to build a general version of streaming farms.

Streaming Farms

Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

The project is about generalizing streaming farms as they are already demonstrated at for rewarding three liquidity pools on Honeyswap DEX.

This will need a farm-generator, independent reward tokens and SVG generation based on the parameters provided in the form for the farm-generator.

The streaming farm architecture was developed highly modular, in order to enable flexibility for farm creators and future developments enabling more options beyond the rewarding liquidity mining. Furthermore, the dependence on a centralized server for the SVG-visuals and the metadata is not desirable for generalized streaming farms.

We also want to connect with the community on a less technical level, because streaming money is our thing and we have been working on that already since 2018. Now it seems to catch attention and we look forward to see, how the community reacts to streaming farms.

How it's Made

The current Minerva Streaming Farms are already using the Superfluid protocol on xDai Chain for the "Holy Grail" NFT logic, a React based website, WalletConnect and Web3-injected to connect any wallet with the DApp and an off-chain server for SVG visuals and metadata.

The new "generalized" architecture is now using a permissionless, upgradable farm generator contract and one unified NFT contract for all farms. The farms themself are non-upgradable and fixed as created.

The reward SuperToken streams are currently still based on one token of the LP-token pairs, but will be changed to choose any reward SuperToken for any LP-token pair.

We have decided to use a simple fee model:

  1. The Minerva team will get a small portion of reward token in addition to the reward stream going to farmers. The fee will be paid as a stream and will be adjusted with every farm interaction.

  2. If farmers exit (stop farming) prior to a planned duration, they pay a fee in LP-token to farm creators to compensate for the early exit.

Providing security against flashloans is still in discussions and will likely be an option during the generation of the streaming farm.

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