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High replay-able short form game using genAI to create unique game stories.


Created At

HackFS 2024

Project Description

This is a proof of concept(POC) for a genAI led idle game where players can create "stories" with some minimal inputs and go through a randomly generated story line. Each story is meant to be short yet contains enough content to interest the players. For this POC, the stories have intentionally be shortened to present the mechanics. The variations are also much reduced in scope. Each story and even story moments can be saved and minted to share with other players or the public.

How it's Made

This project is made as a web app with a backend to control the outputs and call the AI services. The frontend is made with HTML and javascript. For future, the frontend can easily plug into Unity or other game engines for more animated display. In this hackathon, there are many interesting partners that can be incorporated into the flow. Filecoin can be used for saving the story replays, ENS can be used to generate the replays links, Galadrield and LilyPad was used to generate the content for the game components and images.

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