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World's first AI powered text-based RPG game that rewards tradable NFT memories on Scroll


Created At

ETHOnline 2023

Winner of


🏊 Scroll — Pool Prize

Project Description

Problem We Are Solving: RPG game players suffer through "Illusion of Choice" The ever growing RPG industry is 63.2 Billion, of which text based RPGs share 8.9 Billion. But the existing role playing games are not realistic and cannot offer choices to user due to their own limitations of only a number of stories that they have fed to the game. It creates and illusion of choice and user engagement dies exponentially over time.

About Storylok: Storylok employs Generative AI to solve this problem where different worlds with their own physical realisties are crafed by AI and the player can live out the narrative, make choices that can forge the storyline in unlimited directions. The game is engineered to engage the user with tasks and puzzles that they must solve as the story unfolds. The verses are made immersive with background audio and text to speech story narration.

After each play storylok generates a memory snapshot, a picture of charachter from the world and storyline the user was in which can then minted into an NFT. The NFT is rewarded to the user wallet on Scroll Blockchain. These NFTs are tradable that means you can share your stories with others and they can continue from where you left.

Unleash your imagination, Forge your Storyline, Collect NFT memories.

Challenges we ran into while building Retaining Context of the story characters and bounding them by the set physical reality of that AI crafted universe.

How it's Made

We implemented the integration of AI with blockchain.

It's our aim to redefine how NFTs are in web3 space using user created NFTs by playing story games.

We integrated NFTs as memories that are permanent, collectible & tradable by users on Scroll.

And used Generative Ai's mind to create different story plots and employ the gameplay.

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