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Get into a WORLD created by AI, solve puzzles / find patterns. And extract NFT as memories from that world on-chain.


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Project Description

A Generative AI based game for readers and novel passionates.

Usually, when you read books it's a ONE WAY communication and your imagination is limited to the writers delivery. But now, with storylok you can emserse yourself into reading completely becuase your actions will determine what will happen next.

Targeted to increase attention span of people especially students. And get back to reading.

At the end of the game, you can collect the image generated from your in-game experience as NFT on the OP stack blockchain and trade it later.

So eventually it boils down to: You get into one of the AI's created WORLD (means lok in sanskrit) and try to solve problems in that world. In return you want to take a break, you lock the progress & state of the world on-chain.

How it's Made

  1. The project started by creating an ERC-721 compatible contract for storing NFT details for the stories.
  2. Next we started by creating a very simple interface that's focus on text as this game is powered by text.
  3. Leveraging OpenAI SDK for playing realtime storyline and did a little bit of prompt engineering.
  4. We deployed the contracts & setup GraphQL and tested it a couple of times.
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