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Sticky App

We are bringing Crypto to the masses, by allowing creators to turn their content into crypto

Sticky App

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👩🏻‍💻 Polygon — Best UX and User Onboarding


🥈 Aave Grants DAO — Best Use

Project Description


Sticky is a project created for the ETH Mexico Hackathon. As the project lead, I can speak for the team and extend our gratitude to the ETH Global team, the Ethereum Foundation, Proyecto Público Prim and all the staff that took care of us, for these amazing 36 hours.

Now... About what we have built!

Problem Statement Crypto adoption is still not optimal, there are plenty of people around the globe that have not yet taken the leap and adopted this new technology, we also recognized that there are billions of people that are currently posting amazing content on-line, enriching the few, by basically giving away their creativity, with very few being able to reap the rewards of a robust "creator economy".

We believe that we can make that which is sticky, beneficial and profitable.

Solution Sticky is a social feed aggregator and recommendation engine that leverages the power of DeFi and the awesome potential of the Lens protocol, by creating a compelling easy to use mobile application that allows audiences to enjoy high quality content, while providing creators with the earnings that are generated by the funds that are deposited on the Aave liquidity protocol.

These deposits are initially generated by seed investors that will become the "Sticky Guild" (Maybe an NFT community in the making) and then will be incremented by Ad revenue collected in the more traditional web 2 model.

Creators are able to collect the yield, in a fair and distributed manner, by calculating the amount of time the audience spends enjoying the content they create. And they are able to claim these funds directly without intermediaries.

How it's Made

The Sticky mobile app has been built in Flutter.

It has leveraged from and integrated the follow Web3 apps into the foundation of how the Flutter Sticky app works:

AAVE - with an integrated Polygon Solidity smart contract that connects to the app

LENS - as the social network protocol enabling the swipe liking of content

POLYGON - the foundation blockchain that the Sticky app has been built up on.

System Architecture The system is comprised by: 1. A Mobile Application, developed on flutter. 2. Integration with the Lens Protocol, to aggregate a creator's posts and content. 3. A set of smart contracts that "skims" the interests generated in Aave and distributes to creators. These elements can be found here 4. Simple and easy to enjoy protocols that makes crypto engaging and delightful.

Mechanism Design By utilizing proven interaction models (Swipe right to like and left to dismiss), Sticky provides a solution to broken timeline feeds, that tend to favor controversy over enjoyment.

These inputs will be then used to generate a solid recommendation engine based on collaborative filtering, creating a feed that will thrive in common interests and not divisions.

It rewards interests instead of relationships in a "social graph" and brings back the joy of engaging with social media.

In return, creators are rewarded, cutting out the middle man and lowering substantially the take rate that centralized organizations reap, while at the same time creating a simple and easy to understand reward system, that is not guarded in convoluted algorithms... The more time people spend enjoying your creations, the more you win.

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