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Social content creation of the future, empowering creators and users to take ownership of their social feeds and content


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πŸ† ETHMexico Finalist


πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’» Polygon β€” Best UX and User Onboarding


πŸ₯‡ IPFS/Filecoin β€” Best use


πŸ“Έ Lens Protocol β€” πŸ₯‡ Photo Sharing

Project Description

Creators and users are becoming increasingly frustrated with traditional social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Users are bombarded with content fed to them via algorithms designed to make them addicted, ads that they don’t want to see, and less and less, content from their friends. Social apps that have targeted use cases, scale-down the social graph, and create micro-interactions are becoming increasingly popular, especially with Gen-Z users. This has allowed apps such as BeReal or Locket to take off in the app store. Bringing unique and personal social experiences to the newest generation of users is a powerful way to onboard the next billion users to web3. We want to bring a more personal touch to social, empowering users to curate their own social feeds in a unique way. There are some powerful extensions to our app that are made possible by building on Lens. The fee collect module would be super interesting to explore - rewarding content curators for creating interesting and valuable collections. An interesting idea for a custom collect module would be to distribute the fees to the original authors of the content being collected. We would love to add voting functionality to the app as well. Collaborators can contribute to a Stax, but it would be super interesting to have collaborators be able to vote on the content other users have added to the Stax - think of it as a collaborative curation system. This would be an interesting next step and experiment as an alternative to content recommendation algorithms that rely on artificial intelligence. Other ideas our team has for the future are to create Staxx that are private/token gated to certain communities or users - enabling daos/communities to create private collections, or freelancers/clients to build private moodboards for their upcoming projects.

How it's Made

Staxx is built on top of Lens protocol - each Staxx is a Post, and each Pin in the Staxx is a comment. We utilized the Lens GraphQL Api to post and fetch data to the Polygon blockchain. WalletConnect is our web3 wallet connector. We used their SDK/API to allow users to connect their web3 wallets with our dApp by scanning a QR code using a mobile wallet of their choice. It integrates well with signing Lens/Polygon transactions, allowing for a more streamlined userflow than using a browser wallet such as MetaMask for Chrome. We connect and integrate with smart contracts deployed on Polygon Mumbai, which was a streamlined testnet chain that had easy to use faucets and fast confirmations. Posts made on Staxx use IPFS in two ways: To upload content (pictures/images/art) and to host metadata that is used to store content associated with the Lens protocol NFTs/posts/comments.

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